PC Self Help

You simply cannot safely browse the internet without anti-virus, spyware, malware, rootkit, trojan, etc protection. Most commercially available solutions charge for the software and require an ongoing subscription to keep the product and its database up to date.

Here are some great FREE alternative solutions to paid products such as Symantec Norton, Kaspersky etc.


avast® software provides great protection against viruses and spyware for FREE.

Microsoft® Security Essentials

Microsoft® Security Essentials provides FREE realtime protection for your home PC.

Ad-Aware® FREE

Ad-Aware® FREE features real-time protection against online threats.

Avira®AntiVir Personal

Avira® AntiVir Personal is a FREE comprehensive, easy to use antivirus program.

Coming Soon

I am actively developing my services in response to customer demand and will shortly be offering the following additional service:

Online 'Trouble Ticket' System

I will soon be implementing an online incident reporting facility to enable my business customers to register issues at any time.

Please check back at the site regularly for details of new or updated services