Configure Port Forwarding

If you have multiple computers on your network, the chances are that they do not all need all of the data that comes into the network. Port forwarding allows you to send only relevant data to the computer that will use it. The most common reasons for using port forwarding are online gaming and file sharing. For example, if you try to host an online game, as soon as another player tries to join the game (connect and transfer data), your router will block them as a security risk. The solution is to forward (open) a port in the router to allow the transfer of data to the relevant machine(s).

Most applications require the use of a specific port or range of ports and, some routers come with a predefined table of the most popular applications ready to be enabled. You can find a program to setup port forwarding automatically Here.

Router (Default) Password

If your router has not yet been secured you will need the default password in order to access and configure it. To access most routers you will need to type the routers IP Address into your web browser (Usually or or and then enter the default password.

For your convenience, the link above provides access the internets most comprehensive Default router password database.

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