Free Software

Open Office

Open Office is a FREE alternative to Microsoft Office® and is fully compatible with all Microsoft Office® document types.


Gimp is a powerful FREE image manipulation program with many features found in alternative products such as Adobe Photoshop® etc.


VirtualBox is an extremely feature rich FREE virtualisation product which rivals Microsoft Virtual PC® and VM Ware® products.

Partition Wizard Home

Partition Wizard is a powerful FREE partition manager which allows users to easily perform complex partition operations.


Thunderbird is a FREE and fully featured email and Usenet client with features to rival the full version of Microsoft Outlook®.

hours of service

I am actively developing my services in response to customer demand and will shortly be offering the following additional service:

Online 'Trouble Ticket' System

I will soon be implementing an online incident reporting facility to enable my business customers to register issues at any time.

Please check back at the site regularly for details of new or updated services